How we operate

ExxonMobil is committed to being the world's premier petroleum and petrochemical company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards.

Commitment to integrity
ExxonMobil has a long history of leadership in corporate governance. Our straightforward business model and high standards of integrity, legal compliance, governance practices and management-control systems are all key to achieving long-term sustainable performance.

Because of the importance we place on strong business ethics, we believe that how we obtain results is just as important as the results themselves. We take great pride in knowing that our behavior in all aspects is consistent with this belief. To further guide performance, ExxonMobil has developed a wide range of proven, global integrated management systems that cover all aspects of our operations, ranging from business controls to safety and environmental performance. The global application of these rigorous management and operating systems has delivered consistently superior results, providing a clear competitive advantage.

Fundamentals of our approach

Our approach to daily business is consistent with our long-term view — and has remained so throughout our 125-year history. Providing energy to meet the world’s demand is a complex business and demands a long-term approach. This means consistency in investment decisions, project execution, safety, health and environmental performance, and in applying best practices around the world. The results of this approach can be seen in our successful execution of projects.

ExxonMobil has an unwavering commitment to high ethical standards and operational excellence. We care about how results are obtained, not just the results themselves. These standards are applied globally to all aspects of our business. This commitment is reflected in our unparalleled project execution success with our partners, the products we deliver to customers, our business relationships, continuous pursuit of operations excellence, and our core values of safety and environmental care. We view a culture of integrity as a priceless corporate asset.

ExxonMobil takes a disciplined approach to all aspects of our business. We bring the benefit of established business management and support systems and experienced support staff to all our partnerships. An organization managed functionally speeds the sharing of ideas, technology and best practices globally. Smarter and lower-cost processes deliver the best value throughout the asset life cycle. Working with our partners around the globe, ExxonMobil has an unrivaled history of completing world-scale projects on schedule and with industry-leading cost effectiveness. This stems from a disciplined, systematic approach to every element of project execution.

Reliability delivers value to our business partners and customers. We believe that an unrelenting emphasis on flawless operations will translate into superior results. Our focus on execution excellence results in world-class facilities that are leaders in safe and reliable operations. The disciplined and consistent application of standardized operating systems, deployed throughout our functional organization, continues to provide a competitive advantage. We continuously work with our partners to improve our operations reliability through enhanced designs, advances in technology, and improved maintenance and operating procedures.

Our technology commitment and track record provides a competitive advantage. Every day, more than 16,500 scientists and engineers at ExxonMobil seek innovative solutions to the technical challenges we face around the globe. Their ingenuity has enabled ExxonMobil to remain the industry’s technology leader. We maintain one of the industry’s largest research and development efforts, with billions of dollars invested in research over the past five years. These technologies provide significant benefits to our partners, including maximized hydrocarbon recovery, reduced drilling time and cost efficiencies. We also have in-house experts and capabilities that allow us to address project issues rapidly.