Doing business with us

With a project the size and scope of West Qurna I, there are several entities involved in the procurement process. In all cases, procurement will be done under the supervision of ExxonMobil Iraq Limited using the Contracting Objectives as primary selection criteria. These procurement entities and their various roles include:

ExxonMobil Iraq Limited (EMIL)

ExxonMobil Iraq Limited is the Lead Contractor responsible for supervision, direction and management of all planning, decisions and day-to-day conduct of Petroleum Operations of the Field Operating Division. EMIL is the primary contracting entity for operations of the West Qurna I Field.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractors (EPC)

For a specific project component, an EPC contractor will perform detailed engineering, procurement of materials, management of subcontractors, and construction management.

Drilling Contractors (DC)

For a specific drilling program, a DC will assemble and operate the rig and complete the drilling program.

It is important for potential contractors and suppliers to understand the various project components and the identities of their primary customers. For example, many project materials will be supplied by EPC contractors, although some major equipment components and certain critical materials will be procured directly by ExxonMobil Iraq Limited.