Economic development

ExxonMobil has a long history of partnering with countries that see the potential of energy to achieve prosperity. We aim to bring significant benefits – both economic and in terms of community investment – at the local and national levels in Iraq as part of our activities in the West Qurna I field.

As the largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world, we consistently lead the industry in advanced capabilities and innovative technologies. Because our affiliates throughout the world have access to technical expertise on a global scale, our operations are highly successful. In the West Qurna I field, our affiliate ExxonMobil Iraq Limited will bring to bear the skills and experience that have been crafted and improved upon on a global scale.

Strategic Community Investments
ExxonMobil believes in creating a positive and lasting impact in the countries where we operate. This has been our practice in the Middle East. We have supported a number of programs at local, national and regional levels that promote infrastructure development, education, economic development, women, children, health and culture. While corporate donations are a significant part of this support, our first-rate employees have also volunteered their time and effort to assist the communities throughout the region.

In Iraq, we look forward to working with the government and community to develop programs to promote education, health and infrastructure in the country.